High Flying Intermediates get off to the perfect start in League

by on the 2nd of March 2023

Kilkenny 3-16(25)

Galway 0-7 (7)

By Assistant PRO Mark Flynn.

For the first 2 minutes Kilkenny and Galway couldn’t move the sliotar from the halfway line, both teams weighing each other up but out of nowhere up stepped Chloe Broderick for Galway and scored a point. Kilkenny goalkeeper Cliona Murphy sent a long ball down to the Galway half, a bit of movement between the Kilkenny half forward line saw Aoife Cantwell slot a ball over for Kilkenny’s first point.

Galway goalkeeper Caoimhe Hickey drove a ball to the halfway line Kilkenny got the run of play and gained a free from the Galway 45 metre line, up stepped regular Kilkenny free taker Danielle Morrissey to put over her first point.  Galway on the attack when Chloe Broderick put another point over from play.

Kilkenny put pressure on Galway with some great play between Mairead Kennedy and Danielle Quigley which resulted in another point for Kilkenny courtesy of Danielle Quigley from the 45-metre line. Not much between the teams as they battled in the middle of the field, Galway advanced into Kilkenny danger zone which gained them a free, point from Chloe Broderick.

Galway put more pressure on the Kilkenny back line, but Jane Cass was standing firm and stopped the advance of the Galway girls and managed to send Kilkenny up the park on their own attack which resulted in another point for Danielle Quigley.

Kilkenny increased the pressure and quickly put another point over the bar by Danielle Morrissey, followed by a great goal for Therese Donnelly inside the Galway box with just a flick of the wrist it was in the back of the net.

Galway got a run of play that saw them get 2 more points for Chloe Broderick, one from play and the other from a free. Kilkenny not to be out done got another point from Danielle Morrissey with a free around 25 metres out, this match was the battle of the two number 12’s.

Kilkenny’s Laura Greene sent a ball across the pitch sending players chasing it until Danielle Morrissey was surrounded by 3 Galway players and eventually won a sideline ball. Galway defended well and made a break and were rewarded with a point for Mairead Dillon.

Quick puck from Kilkenny found the ball in midfield with scrappy play going on Galway tried to make a move, however Kilkenny turned over the ball with Laura Greene who made space for Captain Hannah Scott to score a point from play.

Kilkenny’s Laura Greene again halted the Galway advance for a few minutes and tried to counterattack, but somehow Galway made space for themselves and again Chloe Broderick put over another point just before the whistle was blown for half time.

Second half saw Kilkenny start the stronger with a very quick point from play for Danielle Morrissey this was followed by Caroline Kennedy on the run putting over point to keep the pressure on Galway. A couple of Kilkenny shots going wide on another advance, but Galway gather themselves and made a quick break, a few quick hand passes and run from half way up the park saw Galway get a sideline ball and a free but couldn’t make them count, Kilkenny could breathe again.

Kilkenny stepped it up a gear in the final quarter winning a free which gained another point for Danielle Morrissey this was soon followed by Therese Donnelly adding a point to her earlier goal Galway pushed forward to the Kilkenny goal with Cliona Murphy having to pull off a great save to deny Galway. Kilkenny quickly turned the tables and Galway found themselves defending with everything they had, but Caroline Kennedy was able to find the net with a bullet of a shot, Kilkenny goal. Danielle Morrissey put over another point before Galway new what had happened.

With Galway now on the backfoot but still not giving up, Kilkenny turned the screws and increased their scoring with Afton Grace who scored 2 points in quick succession and Laura Greene who got on the score board with her own point. Kilkenny didn’t let up with the attack and there was only one person to finish it all off, Danielle Morrissey got another point from play and finished off her day with a goal to well and truly stamp Kilkenny’s authority on the game.

Final whistle blows.


Danielle Morrissey 1-7 (1-5), Caroline Kennedy, Therese Donnelly 1-1 each, Afton Grace, Danielle Quigley 0-2 each, Laura Greene, Aoife Cantwell, Hannah Scott (C) 0-1 each


Chloe Broderick 0-6 (5f), Mairead Dillon 0-1

Kilkenny – Cliona Murphy, Katie Byrne, Aideen O’Connor, Jane Cass, Kate McCluskey, Roisin Phelan, Hannah Scott (C), Laura Greene, Mairead Kennedy, Danielle Quigley, Aoife Cantwell, Danielle Morrissey, Ellen Gunner, Caroline Kennedy, Therese Donnelly.

SUBS – Sinead Farrell, Afton Grace, Aine Doyle, Anna Doheny, Keara Ryan, Ava Shefflin, Claire Doheny Eimear Leahy, Emily Hughes, Emma Mulhall, Jenni O’Dea, Rachel Brennan, Vivienne Holmes, Hannah Larkin, Rachel Whelan, Sarah O’Donnell

Subs on/off.

Afton Grace ON Ellen Gunner OFF

Keara Ryan ON Aoife Cantwell OFF

Rachel Brennan ON Kate McCluskey OFF

Emma Mulhall ON Danielle Quigley OFF

Galway Team – Caoimhe Hickey, Reisteal Kelly, Pearl Finnerty, Sheila Forde, Keisha Coleman, Katie Mannion, Caroline Lawless, Sinead Coleman, Rachel Hughes, Karen Kennedy (JC), Ava Lynskey (JC), Chloe Broderick, Megan Gannon, Mairead Dillon, Chloe Reilly.

SUBS – Ciara McClearan, Ellen Burke, Leah Burke, Ria McPhillips, Maressa Howley, Aisling Donnellan, Aisling Rock, Joanne Daly, Karen Somers, Niamh Spellman, Niamh Horan, Sorcha McGinley, Ciara Dolan, Katie Donoghue, Caoimhe Lynskey, Caoimhe Higgins.

Subs on/off

Aisling Donnellan ON Caroline Lawless OFF

Niamh Horan ON Sinead Coleman OFF

Niamh Spellman ON Karen Kennedy OFF

Ciara McClearan ON Caoimhe Hickey

Ria McPhillips ON Pearl Finnerty OFF

Sorcha McGinley ON Chloe Broderick OFF

Leah Burke ON Sheila Forde OFF

Referee – Eoin Morrissey-Waterford.


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