Kilmacow/Slieverue win U22D County Title

by on the 4th of February 2023

Gaeltec U22D County Final

Sunday 29th January 2023

Lisdowney GAA

By Assistant PRO Mark Flynn



This long-awaited County Final got underway on time, first 2 minutes saw Kilmacow/Slieverue waste no time in getting on the score board. 2 points popping over first one from Afton Grace followed quickly by Aine Phelan.

Lisdowney were given a free not too long after, with Chloe Delaney lifting the sliotar high and dropping it into the Kilmacow/Slieverue box only to be cleared to the halfway line by Kathleen Croke in the goal.

Kilmacow/Slieverue made ground and gained a free, Laura Mulcair stepped up & popped the sliotar into the danger zone Caoimhe Phelan converted the point. Another point scored by Sophie Williams, which was followed by Caroline Murphy.


Lisdowney mounted a strong attack only to be stopped in their tracks, Kilmacow/Slieverue went on the attack & Caoimhe Phelan scored a point.

Lisdowney goalkeeper Abbie O’ Sullivan pucked out past the halfway line only for the sliotar to be collected by Kilmacow/Slieverue a few short passes amongst both teams Aine Phelan converted a free from their own half.


Lisdowney went on the charge again driven forward by Chloe Delaney, but she ran into a wall of Kilmacow/Slieverue players. The play changed ends very quickly and Abbie O Sullivan was soon running out to meet Kilmacow/Slieverue No 8 Sophie Monahan, ball was cleared & Lisdowney could breathe easy.

There was a lot of play in the middle of the pitch from both teams, ending with Lisdowney pointing from play Ava Dooley


Another battle in midfield, Lisdowney got a point courtesy of captain Aisling Purcell. Another high tackle gained another Lisdowney free only to be stopped and sent back down the pitch. A few more attempts from both teams saw several shots go wide of goal and out for sidelines, eventually some quick play from Kilmacow/Slieverue saw them pop over 2 points from Sophie Monahan and Afton Grace.

Another flourish from both teams, no additional scores. Referee blew half time whistle.


2nd half underway Lisdowney started strong, getting a 45 point through Chloe Delaney. Kilmacow/Slieverue puck out met Chloe Delaney Lisdowney, she floated it back in narrowly missing the uprights.  Kilmacow/Slieverue went on a prolonged attack Afton Grace switching the play from left to right dropping the ball to the full forward line, Lisdowney full back Sarah Phelan strong in that position got Lisdowney out of danger.

Lisdowney have a run of play with the midfield and half forwards causing the opposition some trouble, Lisdowney gain a couple of frees, but only one was converted by Chloe Delaney.


Both teams put everything into this match, but Kilmacow/Slieverue pressure got them a goal from Caroline Murphy.

Lisdowney gathered themselves and made a good bit of play around the half way line.

Lisdowney get a 45 for their efforts and Chloe Delaney pointed. Lisdowney went for a final push and were rewarded with a free converted by Aoife Jordan. The final whistle soon sounded with Kilmacow/Slieverue winning 1-9 to 0-7



Chloe Delaney 0-4, Ava Dooley, Aoife Jordan, Aisling Purcell 0-1 each


Caroline Murphy 1-1, Afton Grace, Aine Phelan, Caoimhe Phelan 0-2 each, Sophie Monahan, Sophie Williams 0-1 each



Abbie O Sullivan, Lauryn Foley, Sarah Phelan, Hannah Coyle Twoomey, Clodagh Ryan, Ashleigh Doyle, Aine Holohan, Holly Moore, Ava Dooley, Aoife Jordan, Niamh Holohan, Chloe Delaney, Katie Brennan, Aisling Purcell (Captain), Lucy Dunne.

SUBS: Ciara Comerford, Eva Tallis (INJ) Anna Scott (INJ)




Kathleen Croke, Ciara Atkins, Abbie Murphy, Eva Doherty, Niamh Cuddihy, L aura Mulcair, Alicia Scully, Sophie Monahan, Sophie Slattery, Libby Lowe Murphy, Caroline Murphy, Afton Grace, Sophie Williams, Aine Phelan, Rose Sheridan

SUBS: Jessica Grant, Caoimhe Cuddy, Sally Ann O Brien, Maeve Doherty, Sophie O Connor, Caoimhe Phelan, Aoife Blanche, Aoife Murphy, Aine Cooper.



Referee Eamon Mansfield.


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