Senior Player Profile – Colette Dormer

by on the 23rd of August 2017

Age – 28

Club – Paulstown/ Goresbridge

Position – Corner Back

Occupation – Architectural Technician

Honours – 1 Senior All-Ireland medal, 2 All-Stars, 4 National league Medals, 3 Interprovincial

What age did you start playing Camogie? 12 – boys before that

How many years are you on County Panel? 11 years playing senior

What is your favourite venue to play in and why? Semple Stadium

Apart from Camogie, what sports people do you look to for inspiration? Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Katie Taylor, Stephen Curry

What does it mean to wear the county jersey? It’s a dream come me true and honour any day you pull it on as you just don’t know what tomorrow brings and there’s so many girls who dream to be in the position we are in…

How do you keep yourself motivated? Stephen Gerard once said he goes training to be the best    And the drive be leave the KK or club jersey in a better position

What are your hobbies? Gym and food… sometimes they don’t get on….

Outside of camogie, what other sports do you play? At the moment, none but love basketball and loved ladies football and handball… Love to get back to playing something for the winter

What is your first memory of going to a camogie match? Togging out with the primary school and my jersey trailed the ground, yes I was a squirt in school!!

What is your pet hate? Fixture changes!!

Have you ever had a serious injury? TG nothing too much broken wrist and hurt my knee early this year but thankfully it wasn’t as bad!!!

Advice to young players? There will be tough days but getting through them days are the reason it’s all the more enjoyable!!! Train and listen to your coaches

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