Senior Player Profile – Edwina Keane

by on the 19th of July 2017

Age – 27

Club – St. Martins

Position – Backs

Occupation – Student


U14, U16, Minor & Senior All-Ireland Medals

4 National league Medals

4 Leinster championship Medals

Senior Club Camogie League Medal
Shield club football Medal

U16, Minor, U21 & Intermediate club Medals

Club football championship medal with Railyard

What age did you start playing Camogie? I started playing when I was about 9 or 10 I think. We didn’t have a camogie team in Muckalee when I first started so I played with the boys for a while

How many years are you on County Panel? This is my 11th year on the panel

Have you ever had a serious injury? Unfortunately, yes, a list long. I tore my cruciate back in 2007 on the right knee. Pulled hamstrings a few times, dislocated my finger a few times, and then cruciate number 2 in May this year on my other knee

What is your pet hate? When the rooster at home goes off at half 5 in the morning outside my bedroom window

How do you keep yourself motivated? I suppose thinking about the feeling of winning or achieving something. Everyone’s in such great form, it’s just a nice place to be

Who has been the biggest influence on your career? I’d say my parents, they love coming to my matches and seeing me play, and sharing their opinions as well!!! Whether they are good or bad

What is your first memory of going to a camogie match? Think it was a primary schools game against Comer! I’m sure we beat them anyway…..

Favourite GAA Player? DJ Carey

What are your hobbies? I enjoy swimming, love going shopping, especially with my mother! And being out and about on the farm in my spare time

What has been your best sporting moment? Has to be winning the All Ireland last year and finally getting to lift the O’Duffy Cup

Who has been your toughest opponent? Definitely any of the forwards on the Kilkenny team. Nightmare to try and mark

Advice to young players? It’s the training you do at home by yourself, the running and first touch work that will help you improve and be better


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