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by on the 29th of May 2015

The Cairde Camogie Season ticket is available through all CountyBoards and also in your local Centra and Supervalu ticket outlets. This is the best value ticket available throughout all sports in Ireland. The cost is €40, this will get you entry into all rounds of all divisions of the Liberty Insurance Camogie All Ireland Championship 2015.


For example, there are four rounds of the Senior Championship. These are €10 admittance each, there is then a quarter final which is also €10, a semi-final at €15 and a final at €30 so if you were to attend all these, as many good supporters do, the overall cost would be €95 but the Cairde season ticket gets you into them all for €40.


Similarly, if the Intermediate championship is more to your interest, there is a direct saving of  €40 to be made if you attend all the championship matches and you may also get to attend a few of the Senior ones.


Commonly asked questions;

Is the Cairde ticket transferable? Yes, if you cannot attend a match, someone else may use it.

What about if there is a double header with a hurling match? The Cairde ticket will gain you entry up to the first 15 minutes of the Camogie match. At this point, the gate reverts to the GAA.

Is there any other benefits? For every Cairde ticket sold, 20% of the price goes to the relevant CountyBoard. i.e €8 out of €40 will go to Kilkenny Camogie Board for every ticket that is sold in Kilkenny. Please note, if the ticket is bought in a Supervalu or Centra outlet in another county, that €8 will go to the other county.

Where can I buy my Cairde ticket? As well as Centra and Supervalu, they can be bought online at

Kilkenny County Board also have a supply of Cairde tickets which we will be selling at the Leinster Camogie finals in Nowlan Park on June 7th and at our ‘ Meet and Greet’ Event which is planned for June 9th in Larchfield. You can also contact the county secretary Sheila Norris on 086 074 2537 to arrange a purchase point.CairdeCamogielogo1861237

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