Bye Laws 2019

An Cumann Camógaίochta

Cill Chainnigh

                                Bye Laws 2019                                


1.1        The County Board shall not be held liable for costs incurred through injuries sustained by players.

1.2        In the event of a county final being played on an enclosed pitch, a total of only 6 officials from each club shall be allowed on to the pitch.

1.3        All decisions taken by or on behalf of the board, which require a vote, shall be decided by secret ballot.

1.4         Re-grading and transfer applications within the county shall be submitted on or before the eight day of March.

1.5        The Official guide of all bye-laws of Kilkenny Camogie Board shall be updated annually and displayed on the Kilkenny Camogie website.

1.6        All medals awarded by the county board shall carry the Camogie logo, county name and inscription and shall be standardised at all levels. 20 medals are provided for league and championship winners with the exception of Senior, Intermediate and Junior competitions where 25 medals will be provided.

1.7        The annual convention of the board shall be held before the end of November.

1.8        Club players shall be graded as senior for county championship matches only through playing in senior knock-out championship       matches.  Club players shall be graded as intermediate for county championship matches only through playing in intermediate knock-out championship matches for their club.  Such grading shall not prejudice the player’s eligibility for u-21, u-18, and u-16.  Clubs may request re-grading of players from senior to intermediate, senior to junior or intermediate to junior on or before the last of February.

1.9        All registered clubs must have an underage structure and compete in at least one underage competition run under the control of the county board.  This condition is satisfied if two clubs amalgamate due to insufficient numbers at underage level.  Also clubs that amalgamate must compete in the Roinn above what they were in the previous year

1.10   All sub- committees of the County Board shall be updated & displayed on the Kilkenny Camogie Website and distributed to Club Secretaries annually, where appropriate.


County Teams

2.1        The captaincy of the inter-county teams shall be held by the nominee of the county champions in the respective grade for the previous playing season.

2.2        The manager(s) for the Senior and Intermediate county teams shall be selected by a sub-committee chosen from the county board and be submitted for ratification by the last county board meeting of the preceding year.

2.3        All of those involved with mentoring underage teams must be appointed by the County Executive.



3.1        Referees expenses are set at €40 for adult competitions (u21 level to senior) and €30 for juvenile games (juvenile includes up to and including minor level). The failure of teams to comply with this directive should be noted in the referee’s match report.  The clubs involved in the match shall be equally responsible for the payment of the referee’s expenses unless a gate is collected up to and including semi-finals in which case the referee’s expenses are to be paid from the gate.  Failure to comply with this directive shall involve a fine, which is equal to double the match fee, on the club(s) who fails to comply.

3.2          Referees should be paid before the commencement of the match


4.1        The fixtures sub-committee of the county board shall be comprised of two officers of the board plus two club members.

4.2        The fixtures committee shall be the committee in charge of all competitions. The fixtures committee shall have the power to award matches and deal with breaches of discipline (matters dealing with suspension shall be referred to the T.H.D.C.). Where a club member is unhappy with any decision made they shall be entitled to appeal the decision of the T.H.D.C.

4.3        The fixtures committee shall meet fortnightly.

4.4        In any instance where any member of the same team is not uniformly dressed in accordance with Rule 20.8 that team shall be fined. Fine €100 first offence thereafter €500 for each consecutive offence.

4.5        All changes to fixtures shall be handled by the fixtures committee and all requests for changes must come through the club secretary.

4.6        The Vice-Chairperson of the County board will chair the fixtures committee.

4.7        A draft fixtures list for the year shall be drawn up by the fixtures sub-committee and distributed to all clubs, who at this point may request changes. The fixtures sub-committee shall facilitate these changes in so far as is feasible. The fixtures sub-committee shall draw up a final fixture list to be distributed to the club secretaries 14 days prior to the first fixture. The final fixture list will then constitute notification of a match for all clubs.

4.8        All decisions relating to promotion and relegation between underage divisions shall be entirely decided by the fixtures sub-committee. All reasonable requests from clubs in this regard to be considered before the final fixture list is drawn up. Juvenile team gradings should be based on match results from 2 years previous.

4.9        A minimum of eight teams must contest in Roinn A and B.

4.10      U14, U16 and U18 competitions should include a league run on a competitive basis with semi-finals and a final.

4.11      No deviation shall be allowed from the fixtures save:

(a) That a match be postponed due to the death of an immediate relative of a player/official   of one of the clubs involved or due to a tragedy in the parish.

(b) That matches may be played before the stated date.

(c) If teams cannot agree on a date, the fixtures committee will set a date no later than three days after the original date.

Failure to comply with this directive to entail the loss of the game by the club that is unable to field on the required date

4.12      Having re-graded players down from a grade that a club can only play back four re-graded players at that level.

4.13      Any player having played in and won a senior or Intermediate final cannot be re-graded the following year

4.14      For the purposes of all internal competitions, clubs need only be notified of a fixture 5 days in advance of same.

4.15      Any clubs without county players should play fixtures regardless of county fixtures.

4.16    The All County League Competitions will be 12 a side but if both teams agree may go to 15 a side. No player who is named on either the County Senior or Intermediate panel is allowed take part in this competition.

4.17    Rules of each competition shall be standardised.  Qualification/Relegation/Format criteria to be clearly stated.  These shall accompany the fixtures list that is issued to club secretaries in accordance with Bye-Law 4.7.

4.18    Fixtures at the final stages of an ongoing competition to be given priority before a new competition is started, where possible.




5.1        The county secretary shall be reimbursed her/his expenses quarterly.    

5.2        Each club, consisting of Adult and Juvenile teams shall pay fees of €600, which includes competition entry fees and club registration.

Each club, consisting of Juvenile teams only shall pay fees of €400, which includes competition entry fees and club registration.

Each club, consisting of Go-Games u8 to u12 teams only shall pay fees of €200, which includes competition entry fees and club registration.

These fees must be paid by 1st March or clubs will not be allowed to either begin or continue in any competition.

5.3        All monies held by the board or on behalf of the board including monies raised with respect to Inter-county teams are the responsibility of the County Treasurer and will be subject to annual financial audit.


Primary Schools

6.1        The primary schools sub-committee shall be responsible for the organisation of primary schools camogie

6.2         Players must be enrolled in the school for which they are competing.