St. Canice’s Kilkenny Credit Union Cumann na mBunscoil Roinn D

Roinn D North
Round 1
St Canices B  V  Presentation Kilkenny
Paulstown  V  Johnstown

Bennetsbridge  V  Lisdowney                                  Weekending  20/3/15

Round 2
Johnstown V  Bennetsbridge
Presentation Kilkenny  V  Paulstown

Lisdowney  V  St Canices  B                                    Weekending  27/3/15

Round 3

Paulstown  V  St Canices B
Lisdowney  V  Johnstown
Bennetsbridge  V  Presentation Kilkenny                   Weekending 17/4/15

Round 4
Presentation Kilkenny  V  Lisdowney
Paulstown  V  Bennetsbridge

St Canices  B  V  Johnstown                                   Weekending  24/4/15

Round 5
Lisdowney  V  Paulstown
St Canices B  V  Bennetsbridge

Johnstown  V  Presentation Kilkenny                Weekending   1/5/15

Round 1
Callan  V  Slieverue
Tullogher   V  Danesfort                  (Kilmacow off)              Weekending 20/3/15

Round 2
Slieverue  V  Tullogher
Kilmacow  V Callan                           (Danesfort off)             Weekending 27/3/15

Round 3
Kilmacow  V  Tullogher
Danesfort  V  Slieverue                      (Callan off)                  Weekending 17/4/15

Round 4
Tullogher  V Callan
Danesfort  V  Kilmacow                    (Slieverue off)              Weekending 24/4/15

Round 5
Slieverue  V  Kilmacow
Callan  V  Danesfort                           (Tullogher off)             Weekending 1/5/15

Quarter Finals 2nd(N) V 3rd(S) , 2nd(S) V 3rd(N)               Weekending 23/5/15 or 16/5/15 if teams ready
Semi Finals     1st(N) v 2nd or 3rd,  1st(S)  v 2nd or 3rd                       Weekending 30/5/15
Finals                                                                                                             Weekending 13/6/15


Shield for 4th 5th and 6th teams also

Winning teams forward results to me 0851403677

Also forward fixtures to me in advance so they can be put on camogie website