St. Canice’s Kilkenny Credit Union Cumann na mBunscoil Roinn C

Roinn C North
Round 1
Conahy V Ballyragget
Windgap V  St Johns             (Dunamaggin off)                  Weekending   20/3/15

Round 2
Dunamaggin  V  Conahy
Windgap  V  Ballyragget              (St Johns off)                   Weekending  27/3/15

Round 3
Conahy V  Windgap
St Johns V  Dunamaggin               (Ballyragget off)             Weekending 17/4/15

Round 4
Dunamaggin  V  Windgap
Ballyragget V St Johns                   (Conahy off)                   Weekending 24/4/15

Round 5
St Johns   V  Conahy
Ballyragget   V  Dunamaggin         (Windgap off)                Weekending 1/5/15

Round 1
Rower Inistioge V Ballyhale
Carrickshock  V   Mullinavat         (Mooncoin off)             Weekending 20/3/15

Round 2
Mullinavat  V  Rower Inistioge

Mooncoin  V  Carrickshock         (Ballyhale  off)                Weekending 27/3/15

Round 3

Carrickshock  V  Rower Inistioge
Mooncoin  V Ballyhale                   (Mullinavat off)                Weekending   17/4/15


Round 4

Rower Inistioge  V  Mooncoin

Ballyhale  V  Mullinavat                 (Carrickshock off)           Weekending    24/4/15


Round 5

Mullinavat  V  Mooncoin

Ballyhale  V  Carrickshock             (Rower Inistioge off)      Weekending   1/5/15

Quarter Finals 2nd(N) V 3rd(S), 2nd(S) V 3rd(N)             Weekending 23/5/15 or 16/5/15 if teams ready
Semi Finals    1st (n) v 2nd or 3rd  , 1st (S) V 2nd or 3rd                                                   Weekending 30/5/15
Finals                                                                                                             Weekending 13/6/15


Shield also. 4th and 5th in each group play shield semi finals.

Winning team forward results to Ger 0851403677

Forward fixtures to me also in advance so they can be put on camogie website