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After a series of trials in March the 2023 development squads were formed and 3 squads were put in place. The Ambers, Blacks and Stripes. 24 players in each squad.

The first matches came about on the 21st and 22nd April when our Ambers and Stripes played away to Wexford on the 21st winning both games and our Blacks took on Waterford A’s on the 22nd and narrowly lost.

On Sunday the 7th Waterford A’s and B’s travelled up to Kilkenny where a mix of our Ambers and Blacks took on Waterford As and our Stripes took on Waterford Bs. Kilkenny winning both matches.

On May 14th our Ambers and Blacks took part in the Clare Blitz where our Ambers went to extra time v Tipperary and eventually winning by 6 points and presented with the Bernie Hogan Memorial Cup. Our Blacks won 2 from 3 group games and eventually winning the Shield Final.

The Stripes took part in the Carlow National Blitz on the same day and our girls won all 4 matches v Kerry, Carlow, Waterford and Westmeath.

Dublin travelled down to Kilkenny on the 27th of May to take on all 3 of our squads and the matches were held in Thomastown. Kilkenny winning all 3 matches.

Next up were the Lenisters on June 17th.

Our Ambers reached the final where they took on a very strong Offaly team and the Kilkenny girls held out to win the final by a single point. The Blacks just loosing out on qualifying for the cup final but eventually went on to win the Shield Final. The mighty Stripes went on to win the Cup Final.

On July 15th Kilkenny hosted the next national blitz and our Amber girls played Tipperary, Galway and Cork and winning all 3 matches and qualifying for the semi final where they went on to beat Limerick and eventually beating Wexford in the Final.

Our Blacks and Stripes attended the Cork National Blitz on the same day and with some great performances from both squads. Both squads topping their group on the day and no final was held.

The Stripes played Meath on July 22nd in Galmoy in a friendly before the Meath squads went on to Thurlus to support their Intermediate team. Another excellent performance from the Stripes.

The blitz was next up and this is the All-Ireland National Blitz haled in various venues across Dublin.

The Ambers and Stripes headed to Abbottstown and the Blacks went to St Annes.

The Ambers won all group matches and reached the All-Ireland Final where they met a very good Galway side. The Galway side got a early lead and the Kilkenny girls closed the gap to a single point but with only 8 minutes aside the Kilkenny side could not find the equaliser and eventually loosing out.

The Blacks only lost one match in their group fixtures and went on to win the shield with a brilliant performance. The Stripes also only lost one match in their group fixtures which was to Tipperary 2 but the Kilkenny girls went on to win the Shield in another great performance.

In summary it was a great year for all the Kilkenny U14 Development Squads. The 72 girls trained most Saturdays and made a huge effort throughout the year. Each and everyone one of them are a great credit to the parents, clubs and their county.

The U14 Management would like to thank the following:

Kilkenny Camogie County Board and Development Committee for all their support throughout the year.

Loanitt for the sponsored tops and which all the girls and mentors greatly appreciate.

Jimmy McGarry and Dicksboro for the use of St James Park for most of our training sessions. This was a huge help for training and very much appreciated.

Callan CBS for the use of their pitch for training when required.

The parents of all the girls for all the support throughout the year in both getting the girls to training and also the support for all the matches.

The mentors for all 3 Squads. Your time and devotion to Kilkenny underage camogie is very much appreciated and valued.

Ambers – Alan Morrissey, Jimmy O’ Shea, Nicky Kenny, Adrian Wade and Lorraine Burke.

Blacks – Paric Brennan, Catherine Cunniffe, Shirley Dowd, Michael Muldowney and Stephen Hogan.

Stripes – JP Corcoran, Raime Cahil and Joan Murphy.

And finally to the girls themselves. Each one of you should be so proud of yourselves for the way ye committed to the U14 squads for 2023. The huge efforts ye put in showed when you played and your performances were outstanding. Ye were a pleasure to coach and mentor for the year, well done and the very best of luck in the future.

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