Frisby Calls It A Day

by on the 9th of January 2019

Jacqui Frisby has called time on her 17 year Intercounty Carerr with Kilkenny Seniors. She gave this statement :- Since 2001 I have played with the Senior panel and enjoyed the journey immensely. We have had some great days along the journey but we have also had some bad days but the friendships that have been made will last for a lifetime. I want to thank Ann Downey and all the management team for the work that they have done with the Senior team over the past few years. Ann has brought a professionalism to the setup and made the team a force to be reckoned with. I want to especially thank my Club Ballyhale Shamrocks as without the club where I started all those years ago I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to play and achieve what I have with Kilkenny a camogie. I want to thank all of the trainers and coaches that has guided me through my playing career, each has brought their own individuality with them and moulded me to the player that I became. I want to thank the County Board for all that they have done for me during my time playing and also how they look after the girls. They don’t get enough credit for it and I know I appreciated it so much. Playing with the County has many sacrifices and without the help of Family and Friends it would be impossible. I especially want to thank my now Fiancé Ivan for his love and support it has helped me so much over the years.  I will now bow out and leave the next generation at it but I will be shouting for the girls and supporting  them because I feel there is more to come from this team.

Chairperson Sheila Norris has paid tribute to Jacqui on her retirement:- “I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the dedicated service that Jacqui has given to Kilkenny Camogie . Jacqui was the essential team player. She was inspirational on the field of play and off it and she was inspirational in our dressing room and she pointed out that fact after Jacqui stepped in as sub goalie last year when Emma Kavanagh got injured and would play in any position that she was asked to play without a crib or murmur. She always did what was best for the team or what the management would ask”.  She finished by saying that she wished Jacqui the best of luck in the future and wished her well in her retirement.

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